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About Twibbon.Link

Background Story

Many campaigns have been created by humans. Since 2009 we have known the word Twibbon (Twitter Ribbon) or Frame (Frame) to help these campaigns. However, so far we have made it manually.

Who are we?

Twibbon.Link is the first Twibbon / Campaign / Digital Frame platform from Indonesia. Twibbon.Link is a collaboration software from Pranala.Link, HartLogic, and WWW (Waring Wera Wanua). Founded in 2015 by Bernhart Farras, Entrepreneur - Innovator - Journalist.

Twibbon.Link has more than 1 million users with thousands of campaigns (Twibbon) that organized locally, nationally, and internationally from anywhere in the world. And for a change to begin, it starts from you. It is your choice of action, that determines the change that we see.


Here is Twibbon.Link, with a quick and simple way to find and support campaigns that resonate with you. With that being said, Twibbon.Link power-ups every campaign for every occasion with attractive frames for your photo or video.

Twibbon.Link logoTwibbon.Link